Friday, 3 March

Recommendations on the wise use of technology for learning.

ARLab 4 Years From Now experience by Lluís Villarejo, Specialist in the UOC’s Technology Department.

Tuesday, 2 March

Analysis of the use of social media in HEIs using the Technology Acceptance Model.

 Favorite learning apps recommended by education professionals and librarians.

Wednesday, 1 March

Report regarding the students’ view of technology and mobile learning.

Tuesday, 28 Frebuary

Diagram about the Learning Analytics: from data to personalization.

 Monday, 27 February

 A forecast infography about the top 6 e-learning trends in 2017.

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Desirée Gómez on Twitter
Desirée Gómez
International Relations Specialist, @eLC_UOC's Twitter CM and eLC's Blog Content Assistant at the eLearn Center of the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya. University and Master Graduate on History of Art by the Universitat de Barcelona.